Launch on Product Hunt

a minute

Product Hunt is a platform on which new products are launched daily to receive feedback, site visits and first customers. That's what we did too. Since July, we began preparing for the launch on this site, creating a community, studying new products, and preparing for the launch of Ploito.

The launch was scheduled for September 26. We have prepared nice and clear promotional materials, product descriptions and an intro video. Within the first half hour, our product took a leading position and took a position at the top of the list. This gave it better visibility to Product Hunt visitors.

The day was very busy; we had to manage to respond to user comments, respond to registrations, and communicate on social networks. But we did it and the Ploito.com product received third place and the “Top Product” nomination. And Product Hunt wrote about us on their social networks.

We received a flow of site visits and registrations. Here is Ploito's Product Hunt page and it is still active for voting https://www.producthunt.com/posts/ploito