September update in Ploito

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Hello everyone! /_assets/emoji/emoji_u1f919.svg

We are summing up the results of September, and they are very great!)

  • We launched on Product Hunt and received the “Product of the day” award and third place!

  • We made an intro video, you can find it below

  • We received thousands of visits, a dozen registrations, indexing in search engines, and as a result, a doubling of organic traffic!

  • Improved SEO and created strategies for content

  • Divided articles and news on the site

  • Increased the number of company subscribers on LinkedIn from 109 to 151 people

  • Applied for the winter session at Y-Combinator!

  • We entered the largest software catalogs and even accidentally ended up in Chinese ones, which brought users from China to the site

  • We have added machine translations of our website into many languages! This worked well for site indexing in different countries /_assets/emoji/emoji_u1f642.svg

  • We found new competitors who launched recently

In general, we continue to work /_assets/emoji/emoji_u1f499.svg

We believe that by working in a remote virtual office, a manager can identify employee burnout at an early stage. And also, we have a short video clip where in 2 minutes, you'll learn the most important things about Ploito!