We pay 20% on every bill from a customer you refer.
For life!

Bring clients to Ploito and earn with us. Payouts by any convenient method.
Get an affiliate link

How does the affiliate program work?

Our affiliate program is implemented through a Telegram bot. Write to our bot and get your unique link to attract clients to Ploito. With the bot, you can:

🔗Get your unique affiliate link
🏢Receive notifications about new referrals registrations
💸Immediately learn about the accrual of affiliate rewards to you
👥Get a list of your referrals
💳Check balance, view the list of payouts or order a new one
📢Be informed of any changes in the terms of the affiliate program

Our terms and conditions

We are loyal to our partners and ready to work with each on individual terms. We can provide you with promo codes or manually assign referrals to you if you cannot or do not want to use the affiliate link. However, regardless of this, we have certain rules, and we require compliance with conditions:


🍪The lifespan of a cookie from an affiliate link is 30 days
🏆If one referral clicked on links from different partners, it will be assigned to the last one
🫰Minimum amount for payout request: $40


Violation of these rules may result in your exclusion from our affiliate program

🚷It is not allowed to invite yourself as a referral to get a discount
⛔️It is prohibited to use the "ploito" brand as a keyword in contextual advertising
🚫Spam, any unwanted mailings, and fraudulent advertising methods are prohibited


You can download and use our promotional materials to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign