Website promo

a minute

At the beginning of the year, we started developing the main page. At that time we realized that the best option to demonstrate what Ploito can do would be short video gifs. We thought that there would be a few gifs on the site, each of which would have its own script and a short text explanation. We really wanted to avoid long texts or video, and also in some one language, so that not all site visitors would understand what it was about.

We made scripts for video gifs and at first the first actors were ourselves and the guys from our team. After the scripts were successfully finished, we were ready to search for professional actors and, accordingly, professional filming.

It was not without difficulties, we had to personally supervise the filming process. Finally, the promo materials for the main page are ready! This kind of promo is the perfect opportunity to showcase all the features of our application without further ado!

It remains to edit all the gifs, correct the texts, check everything and run!