Home page Ploito

2 minutes

Soon our application will be ready for release, which means that we definitely need a nice, informative, understandable home page site.

We know a lot of facts when visitors cannot understand the essence of the website, what it is and whether they need it. Information overload, long videos, an abundance of information in which the visitor is trying to find the "Who we are for" tab or looking for an online chat.

When compiling the terms of reference, we were guided by the fact that we should make a very understandable site, with understandable texts, and we realized that the idea of our application can be shown only by combining text and video series. Moreover, there should be a minimum of text, and videos should be understandable to everyone, in any language.

So the idea came up to create short GIFs, in which the main essence of the application will be revealed in less than a minute. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we first need to write scripts for these gifs, select actors, make synthetic marketing gifs, make short descriptions for them, and only then work on the rest of the site.

The good news is that we have completed the first task, the scripts for the GIFs have been compiled, and the guys from our team will act as actors. This is necessary in order to test our scripts and then transfer them to professional actors for filming.

So soon we will have the first shootings within our team!