How to foster team spirit in remote work?

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Working remotely has become an integral part of modern business. The ability to work from home brings comfort and convenience to employees, but at the same time, it can lead to relaxation and disconnection within the team. The lack of physical interaction reduces the sense of unity and cohesion.

This article discusses how a virtual office with the telepresence effect in Ploito can be a solution for maintaining team spirit.


How telepresence works in Ploito

To use Ploito, each employee must have their webcam turned on, transmitting real-time facial video. Privacy is not compromised, as the video is heavily blurred, and no details can be discerned. Videos are not recorded or stored; only the presence at the computer is recorded. We call this webcam blurring "live avatars."

Sense of proximity in remote work

The telepresence effect in Ploito creates the feeling that you are sitting next to a colleague, even when working remotely. This virtual presence recreates the atmosphere of working in an office, facilitating easy and natural communication, just like in an office. If a colleague is at the computer, it's visible, allowing for immediate communication without scheduling meetings.

Impact on self-discipline

Telepresence contributes to discipline, ensures transparency in work, and supports team unity. You see that your colleagues are online and working, making you more disciplined.

Zoom fatigue

Traditional call meetings can be exhausting and inefficient. In the context of weak control in remote work, managers tend to schedule more frequent meetings, briefings, and catch-ups to maintain team unity and not lose control over tasks. However, after such meetings, employees experience fatigue, gradually developing a feeling that attending a meeting is already part of the job, meaning the work is partially done, and they need to rest. Telepresence helps eliminate unnecessary meetings, as team unity is already noticeable to both employees and managers, and communication becomes simplified, natural, and lively.

A virtual office with the telepresence effect is not just a tool for remote work; it is a solution that elevates team efficiency to a new level.

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